Open Wetlab

European Researchers’ Night

28-9-16 08:30 - 28-9-16 18:30
Parlamentarium, Brussels, Belgium

On the 28 September 2016 in Brussels, the European Commission jointly with the Parlamentarium (European Parliament) is organising a European Researchers' Night event open for all to enjoy science while learning about the EU institutions, the journey of the European integration, and their impact on our daily lives. Waag's Open Wetlab will join this event with an algae bar. Both Pieter van Boheemen and Xiamyra Daal will be present.

The Night event presents projects from Marie Skłodowska-Curie researchers in order to get people, especially young people, interested and engaged in science and research.

Live experiments, face-to-face chats with current researchers, a trip through the European Union integration, and a debate, are only some of what is on offer at this event in Brussels.