FairBnB #3: defining the cooperative structure and the design of the platform

It’s design time! This 3rd meetup of FairBnB will have a practical approach, with two parallel workshops on cooperative governance and design of the accommodation sharing platform.

  1. Governance Structure:
    The challenge is how to create a cooperative structure that involves hosts, guests, local businesses and other citizens interested in participating in the Fairbnb Platform.
    It has been proposed that part of the benefits of the fee charged to guests and hosts could go to a “neighborhood fund” for projects voted by coop members. However, who would be primary responsible for the voting and how would be the procedure? To what extent shall other citizens participate in the decision-making process of the Fairbnb Amsterdam cooperative?
    These and other questions will be answered in this workshop group.
  2. Platform Design:
    The goal of this workshop is to define technical and social solutions needed for the design of accommodation sharing platform of Fairbnb.
    What are the core design decisions needed to make the platform transparent, secure and user friendly? How to impose the feeling of a community inside the platform? How the impact of the neighborhood is reflected in the design decisions? We will be searching for unique design solutions that will make the platform attractive and easy to use.

What is FairBnB?
FairBnB is a movement that seeks to encourage vacation rentals that comply with the principles of a fair, non-extractive and collaborative economy.

Some of the key questions are: How could these activities be managed to be beneficial to local initiatives and be kept from extracting values only for investors and speculators? How could they be managed so that visitors are encouraged to stay in those areas where they are not a disturbance, but beneficial to the neighbourhood?

This will be the third MeetUp for FairBnB. Come and help us to create the first local FairBnB platform.