Marielena Papandreou, GR-AI-N
Marielena Papandreou, GR-AI-N ©
VOJEXT S+T+ARTS Residencies

Final Exhibition: Robotics in Arts

Visit Waag to see the results of three artistic residencies within the robotic industry: Calin Segal, Marielena Papandreou and Anna Schäffner showcase their work!

Nowadays, we are constantly redefining our relationship with AI and robotics. Through artistic research within the robotic industry from March until December 2023, three artists have explored this relationship. Artists Calin Segal, Marielena Papandreou and Anna Schäffner focussed in their creative projects on human-robot interactions in manufacturing companies. On Thursday 18 April and Friday 19 April, they showcase their artworks at Waag, and offer us new perspectives on collaborative creativity and safety in human-robot interaction. Doors are open from 12:00 till 18:00 hrs, entrance is free.

Calin Segal is a Romanian artist and designer based in Paris, focussing on interactive and generative art. Co-founding the In-Dialog collective, he delves into multidisciplinary research at the intersection of art, technology, and design.

Marielena Papandreou is an experienced designer with a background in technical, manufacturing and academic fields. Her artistic research delves into the factors influencing the materialisation of building products, exploring circularity, natural resources and materials utilising algorithmic pathways and digital fabrication techniques.

Anna Schäffner is an Interaction designer, exploring the field of human-computer interaction through a Practice-based PhD at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France. Her research centers on soft robotics and the design of deformation as a vehicle for movement, dynamic material adaptation, and expressiveness.


Artist Talk: Robotics in Arts

On Tuesday 16 April, join us at Waag for an evening of art performances, inspirational talks, artist discussion and drinks. The programma starts at 18:00 hrs and entrance is free. Read more about the Artist Talk. 

LASER Talk: Arts in Industry

On Wednesday 17 April, artists and professionals will discuss the benefits of artistic research for robotics and technology. The programme starts at the Waag at 18:00 and admission is free. This programme can also be followed online. Read more about the LASER Talk. 


About the residencies

The goals of the VOJEXT S+T+ARTS residencies are twofold: to push for art-driven innovation and societal understanding of human-robot interactions, and to integrate them in industrial manufacturing robotics that work on construction, arts and crafts.


VOJEXT is a European project that aims to design, develop, validate and demonstrate robotic systems for industry. S+T+ARTS is a European Commissioned initiative that supports and awards the most cutting-edge works of transdisciplinary European science, art and technology. works. Waag is partner in both VOJEXT and S+T+ARTS.








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