FreeCAD basic workshop

This half-day workshop will give an exhaustive introduction to the open source software FreeCAD. We will 3D model a simple object, in order to understand all the main functions of this very impressive program.

Open source workshop series
From March to October 2016, we are organizing six open source software workshops in the digital fabrication field, titled 'A square dreams a sphere'. We will use FreeCADInkscape and Blender at two levels: for beginners and advanced users. The workshops are aimed at professional designers that want to make the switch to open source tools. The first workshop (FreeCAD basic) will be free, the others will require a registration fee of 35 euro (to be paid on entrance, PIN only). A maximum of 15 people can participate.

Your tutor
Nicolò Merendino is the new digital fabrication researcher of Fablab Amsterdam. Starting from an internship at STEIM in The Netherlands, he already collaborated with the development of several electronic music instruments and sound installations all over Europe (using strictly open source software).

This series of workshops are made possible by the Creative industries Fund NL.


Fablab Amsterdam, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam