Future Talks #1: activism?

This event will be Dutch spoken. 

How can we make a future society sustainable and inclusive and what role do artists and designers play in this? The Future Talks series is focused around this question. Future Talks is an initiative of Waag Future Lab and is realized in collaboration with the Social Creative Council. Multiple interactive talk shows will take place every year for the next four years and you can participate!

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Human remains

The first Future Talk will take place on Wednesday 19 May 2021 from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. A livecast from the Theatrum Anatomicum in the Waag in Amsterdam. Built in 1691 as a space for experimentation, observation and a learning environment. In this room the surgeons' guild studied the construction of the human body with the help of the remains of criminals. 330 years later, as a creative sector, we are going to study the construction of social systems on the basis of concrete social and ecological challenges in society. The aim is to understand what goes wrong, how social systems can be redesigned and what role creative professionals can play in this.


The topic of the first Future Talk is "activism"? The following activists, politically committed artists and value-driven designers will sit at the table:

They answer the question: Who (or what) sets the agenda? How do you arrive at a vision of the future? How does an activist strategy differ from that of a designer? Table guests judge themselves and each other and share dilemmas they encounter in practice. They will also talk to you in the form of a Q&A (via the Waag chat) to gain insights about the future role of creative professionals.

Are you socially engaged and do you also feel like a potential creator of the society of the future? Would you like to discuss the role of creative professionals in collaborating with others on solutions to major social issues and shaping the future? Then we invite you to participate in Future Talk # 1 - Activism.

Waag has been appointed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as Future Lab: "The National Institute for Design and Technology". Over the next four years, Waag Future Lab will carry out experiments on social issues and share the results. The Future Talks bring relevant parties within the design sector together for debate and reflection.

The Social Creative Council is a council of fifty representatives of various social networks who join forces to shape our society together with artists and designers.

Tabo Goudswaard is a member of the Social Creative Council, and the program maker and moderator of the Future Talks.