Creative Care Lab

Hack the Brain 2016 - health

23-6-16 23:00 - 25-6-16 23:00
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

Hack yourself better (or worse)

In a three-day creative hackathon we bring together people from all walks of life. Starting from curiosity and unanswered questions we will hack into our brains with ideas on health, care and quality of life. Participants can work with different EEG-type techniques to measure, visualize and interpret their own brain activity – live. 

But we go further! What can you do with brainwaves? Can we measure happiness, health, love? Can we influence the brain to improve our quality of life? How healthy is your brain? Does your brain care? And what about your second brain, the one in your gut system?

Apart from hacking the brain we also touch on different ethical and philosophical aspects. Next to the actual hacking, there will be keynotes and discussions with the experts on the Friday Evening. We will end with public pitches and reflection of the teams on the Sunday afternoon. Both will be accessible to a wide audience and in the scenic Theatrum Anatomicum at the Waag.

Expected participants for the multidisciplinary teams

  • Hackers - People who live and breathe technology and know how to put technology to novel, unexpected use.
  • Scientists - With state of the art knowledge of brains, brain-computer interfaces and behavior.
  • Artists and Designers - Thinking and probing out-of-the box, exploring new frontiers and overthrowing old ones.
  • Entrepreneurs - Able to think of the commercial consequences of new inventions, able to mold and pitch.