H&D Summer Academy 2016

Hackers & Designers will organize their Summer Academy 2016 from 25 July until 5 August 2016 at two locations: De Punt and Waag in Amsterdam. The second part, from 1-5 August, will be at the Waag.

Are you interested in cross-disciplinary collaboration and self-initiation? Are you a professional practitioner in the fields of design, art, and/or technology, in and outside of the Netherlands. Or are you an international undergraduate/graduate student and want to widen your horizon? Sign up for the H&D Summer Academy 2016!

All workshops will be accessible for both the tech-savvy and newbie nerds. The workshops will be held English (registration had ended).

  • The first block: Soft work has a focus on software construction along side looking at soft concepts including soft money, soft intelligence, soft power, soft or informal forms of organization of work etc. while taking place at De Punt.
  • The second block: Hard Work focuses on Hardware construction along hard concepts like hard money, hard data, hard labor, etc., while taking place at the Fablab of Waag. The two blocks complement each other in terms of taught technical skills and in regards to the content.

Participants can apply for one of the two blocks or for the full program.

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Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam