Innovation for Health 2017

Innovation for Health is the Netherlands' premier conference for key players in Health and Life Sciences. It brings together key players and stakeholders who play decisive parts in the development, funding and implementation of innovations for prevention and healthcare.  Innovation for Health is a high-end conference, it offers a dynamic exhibition and a central meeting place. It provides a great opportunity to meet leading innovators, to catch up on the latest trends, to present cutting-edge innovations and to engage leaders and decision makers in healthcare innovation.

The next edition will take place at WTC Rotterdam on 16 February 2017. Waag is partner in the Design Expo 2017, Hester van Zuthem was member of the review panel.

Design Expo 2017
In order to gain innovative ideas and concepts within healthcare, creative people who are capable of thinking outside the traditional frameworks of the healthcare sector are essential. Therefore a cross-over with the creative sector is very valuable for developing innovations. Through Design Expo, Innovation for Health offers professionals from the creative industry the opportunity to present their work in person to the life sciences and healthcare community! These projects consist of visual concepts or prototypes showing innovative solutions for a current complex problem within healthcare. 

Selected designers
After reviewing more than 20 projects, the review panel has selected the following projects to be exhibited by the designer on the exhibition floor of Innovation for Health:

1. EVA – OR evaluation app using gamification by Anna Klapwijk 
2. Stone by Guillermo Márquez 
3. Pollinosis by Nina Simons 
4. Designing the New Normal by Patrizia D’Olivo 
5. Patient Portrait by Eleonora Caprari 
6. A route to well-being by Clementine Mol 
7. VlogDoc by Niels van Hamersveld 
8. Beagle by Bas van Leeuwen 
9. Echo – Auditory Wayfinding Training Kit by Yee Jek Khaw 
10. Phydeo by Rik Burger 
11. BiSmart- Empowering THA patients to manage recovery progress  by I-Chu Liao 
12. Health Chronicles by Sonia Kneepkens


WTC Rotterdam