Innovation for Health 2018

Innovation for Health is the Netherlands' premier conference for key players in Health and Life Sciences. It brings together key players and stakeholders who play decisive parts in the development, funding and implementation of innovations for prevention and healthcare. Innovation for Health is a high-end conference, it offers a dynamic exhibition and a central meeting place. It provides a great opportunity to meet leading innovators, to catch up on the latest trends, to present cutting-edge innovations and to engage leaders and decision makers in healthcare innovation.

The next edition will take place at WTC Rotterdam on 1 February 2018. Waag is partner of Innovation for Health and has a seat in the jury of the Design Expo at the conference.

Design Expo 2018
The Innovation for Health Design Expo is an exhibition of innovative products and concepts developed for the healthcare by artists and designers The exhibition is an integral part of the Innovation for Health event.

The aim of the Design Expo is to stimulate collaboration between the healthcare and the creative sector. The healthcare landscape is changing and it needs innovative solutions more than ever. In order to accelerate innovations, collaboration with creative people who are capable of thinking outside of the traditional frameworks of the healthcare sector is essential.

By participating in the exhibition, artists and designers get the opportunity to present their work to the public during the I4H event and generate contacts with potential collaborators and business partners/investors in the healthcare sector.


WTC Rotterdam