The internetmarathon

15-3-20 12:00 - 15-3-20 23:59
De Balie | Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10 | 1017 RR Amsterdam

Events with up to 100 attendees are still continued at De Balie. Therefore, the Internetmarathon is still on, but for a smaller public. More information.

De Balie and Bits of Freedom will be celebrating half a century of internet with over thirty national and international guests, including internet sceptic Evgeny Morozov, research journalist Huib Modderkolk, philosopher Miriam Rasch, ethical hacker Zawadi Done, Bellingcat's Charlotte Godart and Waag's director Marleen Stikker. They will be interviewed about all aspects of the internet, on Sunday March 15th from noon until midnight. 

In six interview rounds, the relations between the internet and the constitutional state, economy, philosophy, art, human rights, history and future will be explored. The interview rounds will be alternated with musical performances, including one by Spinvis.

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