An Intuitive Approach to 3D-printing

By robotisation and digitisation we are slowly removing people further and further from the making process. We lose connection with materials, the end result and our own human skills. Waag's Tiwánee van der Horst developed Ana, a 3D painting machine in response to 3D printing technology, to reintegrate people into the creation and creation process. On Friday, October 25, she tells more about Ana and the process from concept to tool during her DDW Talk.

With the growing trend of 3D printing within architecture and the need for sustainable use of materials, Van der Horst developed a machine that can "paint" in 3D with recycled plastic. During her DDW Talk on the VDMA site she shares the process, how she went from an idea to a tangible tool in "real 3D space". 

The concept for Ana does not stand on its own. It is part of a larger spectrum of intuitive machines. That's why we talk about the future of machine design, the impact of technology on creativity and the human body. Come to the talk and join the conversation!

Can't come to the talk? Come to the exhibition at Bagel & Juice, Strijp-S, Torenallee 60/08, Eindhoven between 19 and 27 October.