MakeHealth #2: Introducing MakeHealth

On this evening, we will bring together experts and others around the theme of 'MakeHealth'.

We will discuss what is possible when patients and providers take matters into their own hands and start making solutions for health related challenges themselves. We want to explore what this effort means for individuals, and for the complex web of expensive healthcare institutions in which healthcare is nowadays organized.

During this meeting we will look at Fab Labs, maker spaces and 'making' from a healthcare specific perspective. A overview will be presented in which the different kinds of making for healthcare can be categorized. Also, different makers will be invited to explain what they made, how they made it, and why they made it. We would also like to hear examples of health making that you yourself know of. Maybe you have even developed something (for) yourself.

Program will include:

  • Introduction to MakeHealth by Jurre Ongering;
  • Presentations by different makers;
  • Introduction of Openthings as a platform for sharing and improving concepts and ideas;
  • Conversation about your own examples of MakeHealth.

This meeting will be at Pintohuis. Our maximum number of participants is set at 35. Please also be so kind to cancel your RSVP if you can't make it.


Pintohuis, Sint Antoniesbreestraat 69, Amsterdam