MakeHealth #3

The 16th of June, the third MakeHealth Meetup will be part of the "Care in the City" program of Pakhuis de Zwijger, where we will be hosting another meeting around the theme of MakeHealth.

How can personal fabrication labs and maker spaces be used to support stakeholders in healthcare in creating new solutions? Together with patients, health professionals (in education), hospitals, (young) designers, artists and healthcare entrepreneurs, we explore how stakeholders in healthcare themselves can be creator of solutions, that support the illness and care process and that contribute significantly to the empowerment of patients. Quality of life is paramount. What are the possibilities and limits of makeable care? And what do these DIY innovations and solutions implicate for future healthcare and, even more important, for patients?

Due to the rise of the Internet, the availability of both digital and non-digital tools and also decentralized knowledge that is accessible for everyone, everybody can learn how to create almost anything. MakeHealth is a program that explores how patients and healthcare professionals could create solutions for their own personal challenges. MakerNurse in the States is an example how the maker movement is developing open source solutions within the hospital. Within Make Health patients, health professionals (in education), hospitals, (young) designers, artists, and healthcare entrepreneurs explore the potential of the maker movement within the healthcare setting to empower both patients and (healthcare) professionals alike. In MakeHealth, positive healthcare is paramount.

During this event inspiring speakers and makers are invited to unite the people that are interested in this subject and to catalyze the (open) movement of makers for healthcare.


Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam