MakeHealth Live @ DDW2018

Design care applications at the Embassy of Health during Dutch Design Week 2018

This year, Waag, VanBerlo, Philips, Maxima Medical Center and U Create again organise the 'Embassy of Health' at the Dutch Design Week 2018. During the exhibition Chronic Health: If not then Who? an 'open lab' will be held in a glass house, in which citizens, care professionals, designers and makers can work on the design of 'open design' care applications: MakeHealth Live! We show the process and the possibilities of makeable care.

As a talented and enthusiastic student or starting professional, we invite you to participate in MakeHealth Live! In a multidisciplinary team you work together for three days on care applications that matter. We have space for 15 enthusiastic thinkers and makers, that can join us from 24-26 October from 11:00-18:00 hrs.

MakeHealth: Open Care solutions

Do you have an idea for a care solution that makes everyday life easier? Or have an aid of which you think it could be designed better? Are you a designer, an experiential expert, a healthcare professional, or an informal carer with a great idea for a healthcare solution?

At MakeHealth Live you'll be working in a team on a concrete question over an three-day period. This question could be about developing a new solution to a problem or improving an existing tool.

With MakeHealth we want to develop new, open design applications and publish these online. Your solution, including all the design files and instructions will become available on the international platform Careables. That means anyone can reproduce or adapt your solution. So you not only helping your team, but society as a whole will benefit!


In Made4You, citizens, healthcare professionals and makers work together to design and develop personalised care applications. Healthcare has changed radically over the past century. For a growing group of citizens, products and services in healthcare are either too expensive, do not match their needs, or simply do not exist yet. With the advent of better technology, the possibilities for developing digital healthcare applications have increased. With MakeHealth we want to develop new, open design applications and publish them online.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 780298.



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