Maker Festival Twente: Expedition to the future

During Maker Festival Twente, Waag and TETEM join forces: as part of Waag's expedition to planet B, during this festival we will present two exciting new games that make you re-think our economic value system.

Join the festival across different locations in Twente on 21 and 22 May - they are free to walk-in. Read more in Dutch.

Expedition to planet B

TINA: There Is No Alternative? It's the year 2022. Time to re-open the debate. Welcome back to Waag's expedition to planet B: what if we could design a whole new planet? What economic system would we put in use? This year, Waag will research what happens if we change the rules of the game.

In 2022, Waag will research how we can reach a future that is open, fair and inclusive. We will do so together with you, by taking a new approach to our systems. What if we no longer take growth as the aim of our economy, but, for example, solidarity, circularity, or the assurance that we can still breathe oxygen in 2090? What if we re-evaluate the concept of value? What if we think from the commons? And what if we would completely redesign our economic system, with society and nature at its core?