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MuseumCamp Amsterdam 2016

7-7-16 23:00 - 9-7-16 23:00
Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam

MuseumCamp Amsterdam is a three day pressure cooker in which we explore, discover, meet and present. Main focus is the potential of digital technology for on gallery museum exhibits. A mobile FabLab and the meSch toolkit will be available for instant prototyping, testing and developing concepts and ideas. MuseumCamp Amsterdam will take place at the Allard Pierson Museum, with overnight facilities provided on site.

Are you a maker?
Would you like to learn more about digital technology and ideally develop tools for exhibitions yourself? Sign up now for MuseumCamp Amsterdam! The camp will be held from 8 to 10 July 2016 in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. Join in and create a unique exhibition in three days with other museum makers.

The promise that digital technology holds for the museum experience is a hot topic. Yet many museums have yet to figure out how to embrace it. What choices are available to them? What technology best suits their aims? In a three-day pressure cooker camp, you will investigate the possibilities and create a unique exhibition that incorporates new forms of storytelling. The Allard Pierson Museum and the Special Collections of the University Library provide participants with objects, spaces and stories. MuseumCamp Amsterdam will bring together a group of passionate and talented professionals who are keen to learn from and with each other in various workshops and activities. The theme is MuseumMakers and the camp offers you the chance to work with new technologies.

MuseumCamp is inspired in part by the annual MuseumCamp run by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.

What is the schedule for MuseumCamp Amsterdam?

Friday 8 July
You will report to the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam with your laptop and sleeping bag. The first day focuses on meeting each other, storytelling, workshops and forming teams. We will look at the ‘20 chosen objects’ in the empty exhibition rooms and find out more about the meaning and the stories behind these objects. After dinner and drinks, the teams will be assigned certain objects. Each team will focus on a single object or group of objects and give a brief presentation sharing which challenges they aim to take on.

Saturday 9 July
So now you are familiar with the objects and their stories: what next? During a co-creation session, you will formulate a proposal. The one concrete element is that you must use digital tools that you design yourself. No prior knowledge is required; we will be using the MeSch toolkit (http://mesch-project.eu), among other things. You will learn a great deal about digital applications simply by doing. Of course you will also receive coaching and a special facility team will be available for practical questions and solutions.

Sunday 10 July
The last day will also revolve around making and be capped off with the grand opening of the MuseumMakers exhibition at 8pm. The exhibition will be on display in the museum until the end of August.

Prepare yourself for three intensive days, during which you will learn all about creating exhibitions and using digital tools. The programme costs € 200 per participant, including coaching, the opportunity to gain experience with digital techniques, and food and drink. All participants are welcome to camp overnight in the museum. Of course, you are also welcome to arrange alternative overnight accommodation if preferred.

Do you work in a museum or cultural heritage institution or are you a creative person that wants to change the museum? Sign up now for MuseumCamp Amsterdam. If you cannot afford the participation fee, please let us know and we will try to find a solution in the form of a partial scholarship.

The registration deadline is 19 June 2016. You will be informed at the end of June whether you have been chosen to participate.

MuseumCamp Amsterdam is an ‘all-in’ experience. We ask every camper to fully commit to MuseumCamp. The days will start early and may run quite late. We will use our time together to dine, discuss, discover, learn and work towards a common goal.

MuseumCamp Amsterdam is a collaboration between the Allard Pierson Museum, Waag, Digital Erfgoed Nederland (DEN), The University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam – lectoraat Crossmedia, Reinwardt Academy, Nederlandse Museumvereniging and others. The camp is inspired by the annual MuseumCamp hosted by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.