Future Heritage Lab

Museums, Creative Industries & Research

26-11-14 14:30 - 26-11-14 18:30
Waag, Theatrum, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

Seminar organized by the Allard Pierson Museum in cooperation with the Danish Research Centre on Education and Advanced Media Materials (DREAM).

Aim of this seminar is a Danish-Dutch knowledge exchange in the field of digital innovation in museums, with an emphasis on the collaboration between museums, the creative industry and researchers. Danish and Dutch speakers from all three domains will be present at this seminar. 

DREAM is a national Danish research consortium focussed on the development and research of new media in formal and informal learning environments (like cultural institutions). It also researches the visitor's experience, both on location and online. 

Admission to this English spoken seminar is is free for professionals in heritage, digital entrepreneurs and researchers from The Netherlands.