NRC Live Tech Talks

Marleen Stikker is one of the speakers at the NRC Live Tech Talks on December 13 at the OBA in Amsterdam.

How do we live and work in the future?

Technologies such as AI, GM, quantum computing and mixed reality hit the solid ground under our feet. How do we  address the unprecedented possibilities and possible dangers for the future?

  • Research Vice-President Gregor Petri of Gartner on the trends for the future of 2019
  • TED sensation Anab Jain about decisions for an uncertain future
  • Dutch future makers such as Julia Cramer (quantum computing), Theo Gevers and Rina Joosten-Rabou (AI), Tristan Doormaal (HoloLens) and John van der Oost (gentech breakthrough CRISPR-CAS)
  • Data scientist Katja Bego from Nesta and internet pioneer Marleen Stikker from Waag about a next generation internet

Entrance fee is € 199

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