Smart Citizens Lab

Open session Sentinel Citizen - air pollution

6-2-20 14:00 - 6-2-20 16:30
De Waag | Nieuwmarkt 4 | 1012 CR Amsterdam

During the first open session of Sentinel Citizen, we will focus on trends and urgencies in air pollution and the knowledge we need to be able to take action ourselves. 

In the Sentinel Citizen project, Waag is working together with IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. It is funded by the European Space Agency (ESA). Coming the next year and a half, we will consider the kinds of information that citizens need to be able to undertake action against air pollution in their own neighbourhoods. To do so, we will combine data from citizen sensing projects like Hollandse Luchten with the information deriving from the Sentinel 5p satellite mission. Sentinel 5p is an initiative of ESA, the European Commission and the Netherlands Space Office, in order to measure our atmosphere and plot air pollution.

During this first open session of Sentinel Citizen, we invite experts and citizens who are interested in air pollution. We will focus on the places and forms in which we experience air pollution, what kind of action we could and would undertake against this, and what information we would need to be able to do so. Deriving from this session is a first outline of the kinds of information about air pollution that should be accessible to the public.

So; are you interested in air pollution, do you live near a busy road or an airport, or is air pollution the subject of your work or studies? Please join us for this Sentinel Citizen open session at De Waag on February 6th.

Open session Sentinel Citizen - air pollution
14:00 - 16:30 hrs

A maximum of 15 places is available.