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Smart Citizens Lab

The Smart Citizens Lab operates using one of Waag’s core values: public research. She views society as a community of researchers and citizen scientists. Citizen science means that citizens are given a place at the design table rather than being the subjects of external, top-down research. Smart citizens are those who research how we can take back our sovereignty from the smart city. We appropriate the internet of things to map out and improve our environments.

Technology can strengthen citizens’ positions in relation to governments and corporations.

Technology can strengthen citizens’ positions in relation to governments and corporations. In the Smart Citizens Lab we strengthen our position through citizen sensing: a process by which citizens receive open-source tools and learn to measure their surroundings and interpret the data. By strengthening their knowledge and gathering data, citizens hold a stronger position in the conversation. They are given tools to improve their quality of life themselves.

In the Hollandse Luchten (HoLu) project, for example, we designed open-source air quality sensors that are affordable and easy to produce. These ‘HoLu kits’ are being distributed in pilots to residents who live in regions where the air quality is poor, such as around the Tata steel factory in the IJmond area. We teach citizens to measure the surrounding air quality and to interpret the data. In this way, they are better prepared to advocate for themselves when engaging in dialogue with municipalities, provinces, and companies.

Current projects

Hackathon de groene stad
Smart Citizens Lab

The Energy Transition in the Amsterdam Metropolis

How can the position of social initiative be strengthened so that they can produce 33% of electricity and heat demand in the Amsterdam metropolitan region by 2050?
Co-creatie public stack summit Waag
Smart Citizens Lab

Science in the Cloud

The project Science in the Cloud researches how online platform KennisCloud should be designed for scientists, citizen scientists and knowledge institutions to collaborate on social and scientific issues.
Beveiligingscamera in de stad
Smart Citizens Lab

Human Values for Smarter Cities

In Human Values for Smarter Cities, Waag Futurelab investigates the process of procurement when applying smart city technology in public spaces.
FabLearn onderwijsconferentie
Smart Citizens Lab

Imagining public connectivity

The lack of meaningful imaginaries about 5G and the knowledge concentration within industries are catalysts of public distrust. We aim to create a shared knowledge base among citizens and governments to include citizens in official local decision-making processes around 5G.
Platformcoöp Accelerator
Smart Citizens Lab


With a broad coalition of social organisations, Waag works to strengthen the local, cooperative community economy in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.
Smart Citizens Lab


Together with citizens, investigative journalists and scientists, Waag research heat stress in the Netherlands.
NWA route Smart Liveable Cities
Smart Citizens Lab

NWA Route Smart Liveable Cities

Waag organises the route management around public programmes relating to ‘Smart, liveable cities’, aiming to better connect science with society.
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Smart Citizens Lab

Hollandse Luchten

Hollandse Luchten is a citizens science project where we involve citizens in measuring air quality in their environment in the Province of North Holland.
Amsterdam waters aerial view
Smart Citizens Lab


The Amsterdecks project aims to offer insights in the water quality and the accessibility of the public waters of Amsterdam for its citizens and visitors.