Maker Education Lab

Opening Maakplaats 021 Ganzenhoef

1-11-18 16:30 - 1-11-18 18:00
Maakplaats 021 Ganzenhoef, Bijlmerdreef 1289, 1103 VT Amsterdam

From November 1st, the maker spaces of Maakplaats 021 have a brand new hotspot location, this time at OBA Ganzenhoef in Amsterdam! This new Maakplaats is within the Cultureel Educatief Centrum, where other educational organisations are located as well: Orion, ROC op Maat, ROC Educatie and nursery Kids Academyn. This hotspot has space for collaborations with local schools and other initiatives.

Maakplaats 021 now has five locations at OBA libraries in Amsterdam: OBA Oosterdok, OBA Waterlandplein, OBA Slotermeer, OBA Reigersbos and OBA Ganzenhoef.

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