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Reinvent Tourism: Let's reinvent public space

7-6-21 15:00 - 7-6-21 16:00

From 2 to 9 June, the Reinvent Tourism festival is taking place. Reinvent Tourism is an Amsterdam initiative that started developing new ideas for dealing with tourism in the city, back in 2018. The goal is to have tourism no longer be a burden to the city - instead, it has to accelerate sustainable and creative development. As an organisation based in the middle of the Nieuwmarkt, which used to be one of Amsterdam's most crowded spots, this speaks to Waag, as we try to be a space that serves the Nieuwmarkt neighbourhood and its residents.

At this time, visitors are slowly finding their ways back to Amsterdam. How could tourists contribute to the city's livability, sustainability and beauty? Next Tuesday, Waag, ROEF, Reinwardt Academy and Welcome Strangers will speak on this topic during the 'Let's reinvent public space' session at the Reinvent Tourism festival. The session will take place online and starts at 15:00 - register for free access.


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