AI Culture Lab

The risks and benefits of AI

18-1-19 16:00 - 18-1-19 17:00
Impakt, Utrecht

Lucas Evers of Waag will participate in a panel at the event 'Future Digital Life: A World Without Us?' organised by Impakt in Utrecht on 18 January at 16.00 hrs.

This panel explores the benefits and risks of artificial intelligence (AI). Can AIs make art? What are the limitations of machine learning and genetic algorithms? How can we control or legislate AI? Should AIs be given rights? Are AIs an existential threat to humanity?

Speakers: Arjon Dunnewind (Chair), Lucas Evers, Jan Broersen, Anna Dumitriu

Ticket: € 8

About 'Future Digital Life: A World Without Us?'

This conference programme reflects on the themes of the exhibition A World Without Us and inspired by ArchaeaBot, an artwork by Anna Dumitriu and Alex May, it explores what life might mean in a post climate change, post singularity future. We ask what roles art can play in engaging audiences in environmental issues, the development of new technologies and the societal implications of our decisions.