Robots for social good

Do you trust robots enough to nanny your child? Although this issue probably does not play a major role in your daily life, robots are increasingly used in both education and upbringing to stimulate social behaviour in children. But can robots stimulate aspects such as empathy, playing together, sharing or having meaningful conversations? How does that work? How do you design technology that positively influences the social development of children and interactions with peers? What abilities can robots incorporate to encourage children to adopt positive behaviour?

This evening is all about social robotics. Intelligent, social robots that can control social behaviour. We will talk with Cristina Zaga, researcher (PhD) in the field of human-robot interaction. Cristina will bring examples of social robots that can be tested and discussed.

Admission is € 5,- including a drink. Language spoken at this event is English.


19:30 - Entry
20:00 - Introduction of the evening
20:10 - Cristina Zaga shows various social robots that are used in education and upbringing and examines her research.
20:40 - We conclude the evening with a practical co-design session of pro-social robots.
21:20 - Subsequent discussion of the design session and conclusion
21:45 - Drinks and after-talk

About Cristina Zaga

Cristina Zaga is a PhD researcher at the University of Twente. Her research focuses on designing everyday robot objects and toys to promote the pro-social behavior of children around the theme of cooperation. Her work in HRI interaction design has won an HRI student design prize and has been exhibited during Eindhoven Design Week 2017. Cristina has been selected as Google Women TechMaker Scholar 2018 for her research quality and her work to support and motivate women and children in STEM.