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The Social Tech Tour #1: OneFarm

The Social Tech Tour is a series of site visits to innovative, tech-enabled social enterprises. The main objective is ‘peer learning’: letting innovators and practitioners learn from each other. During each edition, hosts and participants will co-create a roadmap on one particular real-life challenge. This time we will be welcomed by Maria Stapel and Jan Feist at OneFarm, an innovative indoor farm.

Are you working with tech or sustainability and are curious to learn how other actors use digital technologies for a better society?

The agriculture sector plays an essential role in the global discussion on climate change and the challenges that come with it particularly on the urban scale, including food security, growing population levels and intensified resource use. It becomes clear that in order to address the climate issue a radical step towards more sustainable approaches in food systems is needed. Can vertical farming pose such a pathway in the transition to sustainable urban food systems? And if so, what ownership structure is needed in order to ensure an open and inclusive access to innovative forms of food production for society at large?

This edition is dedicated to OneFarm, a vertical farm in the North of Amsterdam. The guiding question for this event is, how can different concepts of ownership (e.g. shared ownership through crowdfunding and knowledge sharing) contribute to creating sustainable food systems and healthy communities around them?


The space is limited to 20 participants. It is recommended but not mandatory to attend all editions in the series. This event will be English spoken.


OneFarm has the goal to provide affordable, fresh and healthy food and plant pharmaceuticals in a sustainable way to local communities and municipalities on a global scale to mitigate the upcoming food crisis. They combine knowledge about food and plant pharma, technology, infrastructure and data to enable local communities with their own secure food supply. OneFarm has a strong focus on energy sustainability, eliminating waste and CO2 reduction. The data produced aims at reinforcing the open source feedback learning system, allowing better seed selection, growing methods, and reducing its carbon footprint while optimizing safety, health, and predictability of products.


18.45 Doors open
19.00 Welcome & Introduction
19.15 Pitch: OneFarm
19.30 Tour through the farm
19.40 Co-design workshop: Looking at different concepts of ownership to create sustainable food systems and healthy communities around them
20.50 Wrap-up
21.00 Drinks

The Social Tech Tour is organised in cooperation with Amsterdam Smart City.

This event is part of Waag's Chamber of Commons and made possible by the BankGiro Lottery Fund.




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