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The Social Tech Tour #2: vanPlestik

The Social Tech Tour is a series of site visits to innovative, tech-enabled social enterprises. The main objective is a peer learning: letting innovators and practitioners learn from each other. Every edition, hosts and participants will co-create a roadmap on one particular real-life challenge. This time we will be welcomed by Sam van Til and Nout Kooij at vanPlestik, a state of the art 3D workspace.

Are you working with tech or sustainability and are curious to learn how other actors use digital technologies for a better society?

Since the 1950s our consumption caused 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste of which currently only 14% are recycled. This means an immense loss not only for our environment but also for our economy. But what if we find new, innovative tools to increase plastic waste recycling? And how can we make this an attractive business case?

This edition is dedicated to vanPlestik, a start-up that produces lamps, chairs and other stuff with a 3D printer fed with recycled plastic. The guiding question for this event is, what is the best communication strategy that incentivises other businesses to adopt vanPlestik's innovative concept?


The space is limited to 20 participants. It is recommended, but not mandatory to attend all editions in the series. This event will be English spoken.


Our plastic consumption has amounted to 8.3 billion tonnes since the 1950s, most of which ends up in landfills, is burnt or pollutes our oceans. Recycling is oftentimes regarded as too resource-intense, creating an estimate of 80-140 billion US Dollars of revenues lost to the economy. Sam van Til and Nout Kooij, the founders of VanPlestik, have developed a 3D printer with filament made of 100% recycled plastic. Next to the production of items made of recycled plastic, the duo engages in various 3D plastic-printing workshops in schools.


18.45 Doors open
19.00 Welcome & Introduction
19.15 Pitch: vanPlestik
19.30 Tour through the workspace
19.40 Co-design workshop: Identify the right communication strategy that incentivises other producers to adopt vanPlestik's innovative plastic waste strategy
20.50 Wrap-up
21.00 Drinks

The Social Tech Tour is organised in cooperation with Amsterdam Smart City.

This event is part of Waag's Chamber of Commons and made possible by the BankGiro Lottery Fund.




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