SPECS #4: Internet after CSS and XSL: with internetpioneer Bert Bos

3-10-13 19:00 - 3-10-13 21:30
Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, Amsterdam

When it comes to our Internet, what is missing if we are talking about expressive possibilities for designers, interaction designers and publishers? Waag, W3C Benelux and ISOC.nl organize an interactive evening with special guest speaker and web pioneer Dr. Bert Bos (W3C).

During this evening Bert Bos gives an overview of the plans for a future Internet, after which we would like to hear your voices. What do we, as the creative industry, believe the web would have to look like in ten years? Which features do you need ? This is your chance to have an impact on the design of future standards!

This event is held in Dutch. More information can be found here.

Nieuwmarkt 4
1012 CR Amsterdam

October 3 2013
20.00 till 22.30