AI Culture Lab

StreetSwipe Label Party

16-9-20 20:00 - 16-9-20 21:30
Online (stream.waag.org)

This is an open event. Registration is not required. On Wednesday 16 September, join this meetup starting at 8pm through stream.waag.org (free).

to stream.waag.org

Which aesthetics do we associate with gentrification? StreetSwipe lets the audience determine if they think a photo of a storefront of bar should be classified as gentrified. While swiping, different cities, streets, years and neighborhoods will be compared on a live webpage that functions as an interactive map of gentrification. The subjective input of different groups of users will be used to train different computer models that can recognize and generate images that are perceived as gentrified. 

On Wednesday the 16th of September at 8PM (AMS time), Aesthetics of Exclusion is organising a label party in collaboration with Waag to highlight the mechanics behind computational image recognition systems: the manual labor of labeling images. While listening to different experts, you can contribute to the growth and improvement of the dataset of images behind StreetSwipe yourself. This is an open online event, which you can join through stream.waag.org

During the label party we enjoy contributions by Justus Uitermark (Professor Urban Geography - University of Amsterdam), Thomas Smits (Researcher Political History & Digital Humanities- University Utrecht), Najah Aouaki (urban strategist) and Bente de Bruin (artist/programmer). The StreetSwipe Label Party is moderated by Alexander Cromer (artist/researcher).

StreetSwipe is an initiative of Aesthetics of Exclusion: a collective of artists, designers, coders and scientists which researches how we can use computer vision techniques and machine learning to explore and analyse aesthetical styles that correlate with gentrification in large image archives such as Google StreetView images and Instagram. The first version of StreetSwipe was developed during a residency from artist Sjoerd ter Borg at Waag (made possible by the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, with the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union). StreetSwipe is supported by the SIDN fund and the Creative Industries Fund NL.