Sjoerd ter Borg

Sjoerd ter BorgArtist in residence

Sjoerd ter Borg is political scientist and artist, and part of art collective 'Aesthetics of Exclusion'. Aesthetics of Exclusion uses design research to question how we can use computer vision and machine learning techniques to explore and analyse aesthetical styles that characterise gentrification and processes of (urban) homogenisation.

Through the use of streetview platforms, the collective researches aesthetical phenomena  (such as color, texture and objects), categorizes them in datasets and analyzes these with computer vision techniques. These patterns are combined with data from social media, the platform economy and socioeconomic statistics about Uber, AirBnB, Facebook, Instagram and Funda. Aesthetics of Exclusion works on the creation of an interactive encyclopedia that consists of an online archief of (short) films, image collections, maps, articles and interactive instruments.

Sjoerd ter Borg was artist in residence at planet B. This residency was made possible within the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, with support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission.