Open Wetlab

Synthetic biology debate

18-5-15 19:00 - 18-5-15 20:30
Theatrum Anatomicum, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam

On 18 May 2015, the Athena Institute ( VU University Amsterdam) organizes a theatre debate on synthetic biology at the Theatrum Anatomicum of the Waag.

The mission of Athena is to scientifically study and design interfaces between science and society to contribute to:

  • worldwide research efforts on a robust academic and societal understanding of key factors in innovation processes;
  • enriching science with increased societal legitimacy and improved research utilization;
  • an improved societal awareness of how innovations may benefit the sustainability, equity and fairness of societies.

To this end Athena conducts scientific research and provides teaching in bachelors and masters programs in its own faculty and in other faculties. In addition it advices (inter-)national authorities.