Waag Future Talks: Changing Society through Art

Future Talks returns! Tabo Goudswaard discusses the role of the creative sector in societal challenges. After previous episodes on activism, 'maakbaarheid' and collaborations with big businesses, the fourth episode zooms in on critical art. 

With present-day artists and designers, we will speak about problems in society such as poverty, economic extortion and discrimination. Five renowned artists, among whom are Renzo Martens, Matthieu Kasiama, Ced'art Tamasala, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Ahmet Polat and Jörgen Tjon A Fong, will engage in a discussion on their research and artworks, and how they try to bring about change in society. 

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Future Talks Expeditie toekomst
Waag Future Talks, episode 2: Maakbaarheid, during Expedition: future, with speakers Arna Mackic, Angelo Bromet and Roel Schoenmakers.


About Future Talks

How can we make a future society sustainable and inclusive and what role do artists and designers play in this? The Future Talks series is focused around this question. Future Talks is an initiative of Waag Future Lab and is realised in collaboration with the Social Creative Council. These interactive talk shows are Dutch spoken.