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Waag Open: energy of the future

This event is in Dutch. 

Although we see more and more solar panels in our streets, as a resident you see very little of the energy transition in the neighbourhood. in Amsterdam, there is already a neighbourhood where the future has started: Buiksloterham in Amsterdam North. Buildings in this area are natural gas-free and almost all of them obtain their energy in a different way.

To make this visible, little glimpses have been placed in the public space. The art objects give virtual glimpses into the devices and installations behind walls and in basements. On the pavement, a 3D painting shows where the district heating network runs, and a viewing tube shows you how full the neighbourhood battery is underground. If you walk past it often enough, you will start to see connections: the weather was really nice today, so the battery is completely full!  

During this Waag Open, we'll take a walk alongside different glimpses. All facets of the energy tranisty are covered: we show how deep the boreholes of the thermal storage are and where exactly the heat from the heat network comes from. There is also a focus on solar panels, batteries and heat pumps - of all shapes and sizes!

The area is already attracting professionals from around the world (governments, developers, engineers) who are interested in the choices made and the technology used. Without a tour, there is now little to see in the area. So are you an energy pioneer or just hoping to boost your knowledge about sustainable urban development? Take a walk with us on Thursday 1 August and you're bound to learn something new about the energy transition!  


19:15 - 19:30 uurMeetup at Schoonschip (Johan van Hasseltkade 225B, Amsterdam)
19:30 - 19:45 uurWelcome & introduction by Waag
19:45 - 21:14 uurWalk along the objects
21:15 - 21:30 uurDrinks at De Ceuvel

Waag Open
Waag Open is the monthly public programme focused on today's themes. We organise various workshops and present collaborations between scientists, designers and artists. Once a month, Waag opens her doors for programmes that can be attended by anyone and everyone.




7,50 euro (incl. een drankje)




Schoonschip Johan van Hasseltkade 225B, 1032 LP Amsterdam


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