Femke Herregraven

Femke HerregravenArtist in Residence

Femke Herregraven (1982) is a graphic designer and researcher. She is interested in the power structures and relationships between financial markets, international law, geopolitical relations, ethics and global climate change. She provides insight into these complex matters in surprising ways and in a playful way opens up viewers to our economically driven and ruthless world. Herregraven is part of TRADE-OFF, an experimental research project on lithium.

During her Creator Doctus (CrD), made possible by Sandberg Instituut and Waag, she will investigate the technological relationships in which we as humans are involved. Her research project The Evacuated focuses on the concept of potential, future disasters and how those moments can be productive in navigating our current biological, political and technological ecosystem. It asks the question: how can the entanglement between languages, codes, bodies and predictive structures create a new protocol, made of new images and worlds?