Commons Lab


The Commons Lab works towards the understanding of present-day commons and implements new forms of commoning. Commons entail the organisation of action and responsibilities in order to sustain a certain resource (see below). The Commons Lab focuses on designing digital, financial and juridical platforms that support self-organisations and the networks they’re involved in. The lab also engages in artistic and public manifestations in order to generate widespread interest in the commons.

Commons are shared resources managed by communities with an aim of assuring their sustainability and inclusivity. They foster bottom-up initiative and community self-determination, while keeping a close watch on the needs of the wider public. Think of a food cooperative which brings together consumers and farmers and helps them build a food system based on fair pricing, healthy farming and social cohesion. Or a collaborative, digitised collection of cultural heritage, which strengthens the cultural commons - the life blood of society.

The Commons Lab is made possible by a subsidy of the Fund Creative Industries NL.