Our toolkits

Waag has developed a number of practical toolkits in the past years, starting from our design philosophy 'Users as Designers', that gives users a central role in the design process. All of our toolkits are available as open content, for anyone who is interested in using them.

  • 'Citizen sensing, a toolkit' - this toolkit is a blueprint for policy makers, city makers and other actively involved citizens to facilitate community-driven data collection, like measuring your local environment. 
  • Co-creation brainstorm toolkit - a practical toolkit for heritage professionals, to use at the start of a brainstorm co-creation project.
  • A how to guide for hackathons - organize your own hackathon in the cultural sector with this guidebook.
  • Teacher Maker Camp cookbook - inspirational guide for teachers, with ten recipes to (re)discover your creativity and use maker education in the classroom.
  • UNDP workshop toolkit - a toolkit for a complete design thinking workshop, originally created for the United Nations.
  • Decarbonet utility toolkit - developed to create more awareness about our CO2 emissions. To be used at home by the family, or at work.

Our toolkits were developed within several of our projects and are published under a Creative Commons license.