Beta-lab Soest

Can I build here? How old is my house? Can I start a shop here? Can I cut down that tree? How large can my barn be? Is my home a monument?

In 2019, a new Dutch environmental law will become effective. In this new legislation, all the rules that concern the physical environment will be combined. In het Beta-lab Soest (a Dutch municipality), we research the possibilities to make the complex legislation accessible online in a simple way. We will make a prototype with all stakeholders, amongs which are the local residents, entrepreneurs from Soest and the civil servants of the municipality.

What is Beta-lab?
Beta-lab Soest is an initiative of Beta-lab. This is a safe space to experiment with the latest technical solutions and developments, and where in an open participation between (local) government, businesses and the creative industry new digital services can be developed.

Beta-lab Soest is a collaboration with the municipality Soest, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Kadaster, Waag Society, Geonovum, ICTU and PBLQ. 

Duration of the project: 
01-02-2017 to 01-05-2017