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BOCS sensor lab

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BOCS: Building Occupancy Certification System

The amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere is still increasing. To avoid its devastating effects on our planet, we need to find ways to reduce our energy consumption. Using less energy in our offices can significantly contribute to this goal. Very simple alterations to our daily work routines, can lead to up to 20% reduction of office’s energy use, regardless of the technical characteristics of the office building. Yet, at the same time, we also know that sacrificing our work efficiency and comfort is not an option for most of us. So, how can we use less energy, and at the same time improve the comfort of our work environment?

Waag, TU Delft with a group of partners from AMS were running this pilot study. The aim of this study was to develop an in-depth understanding of energy practices in a number of offices around the Amsterdam metropolitan area, and to develop a system that will stimulate more energy-efficient office practices and at the same time improve your work comfort.

Partners in this project were: Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), Waag, Fairphone Foundation, Knight Frank, Bouwfonds, Eneco, Accenture, European Space Agency (ESA) and TU Delft.

The project is funded by EIT Climate KIC with additional support from the City of Amsterdam.