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Commissioned by Royal Kentalis, Waag developed two concepts for children with hearing disabilities and visual impairments, one tool for the development of language skills and a simple maths tool. The users of these prototypes are pupils and teachers of de Rafaëlschool and the Kentalis Mariëllaschool, both schools for special education. 

This group of young people cannot participate in regular education programs because of their disability. They have a hard time communicating with others and one-on-one teaching is of great importance. 

Reading board

The developed prototype can be described as an interactive tablet. The prototype trains the students to match icons with words. The content of the tablet refreshes itself, so the student can play endlessly. In addition, the developed prototype consists of solid tangible parts and is performed with clear actions. This helps the students in executing the exercise and they remember what they have learned easier. Finally, the object gives motivational feedback in the form of image or sound.

Maths board

The concept for this board is based on the fact that it is easier for children to learn maths when they can work with physical objects that they can either place (add) of take away (subtract). The prototype installation supports this with a board equipped with sensors, objects and a display with instructions. Pupils are carrying out the instructions, that are sums using the objects on the board. The board recognizes the placed objects and gives feedback upon their placing. With different overlays the board can easily be adapted to different kinds of exercises.

The prototypes were created in a co-creation process involving developers of Waag and teachers of de Rafaël and Mariella schools and tested by the teachers of these schools. Our developers were responsible for building the prototype whilst the teachers provided the content. Both concepts and prototypes were developed and produced by Waag.