The Waag building, where Waag houses it public programme, was in the 17th century home of the surgeons guild. In the Theatrum Anatomicum, public anatomy lessons were held. Not only for scientists, but also the general public could come and watch, after having paid an entry fee.

It was also a centre of art and science with a complete library and an extensive art collection. The Corpus lectures showed the direct link of the Waag as a 17th century institute to the 21st century media lab that focusses on finding ways to use new technology.

Corpus was a series of lectures held in the Theatrum Anatomicum in 2005 on the subject of anatomy in the arts and the anatomy of the web. Four evenings of lectures were held, the main content was in Dutch.

Project duration

14 Sept 2005 - 5 Oct 2005


  • VU Centrum voor Verouderingsonderzoek