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Dabbawalla pilot

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Between September and December 2009, the pilot of the game Dabbawalla has been conducted at primary school Icarus at Heemstede. The central question of this pilot was: How can the game Dabbawalla bring a structural change to the traditional sandwich lunches at schools?

This project researched whether a homecooked lunch could be an interesting alternative to the traditional school lunches. Dabbawalla is a game about good food and enjoying the lunch meal. It was inspired by the Indian system of dabbawallahs, that bring the office workers of Mumbai their daily lunch in box, containing homemade fresh products. In the game, the duty of the dabbawalla is to prepare lunch (together with his or her parents) at home for a group of class mates, using a number of ingredients. 

Dabbawalla has been conducted Waag in cooperation with Happiefood, commissioned by Innovatienetwerk, an initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture in The Netherlands.