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Digital News collage

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The Dutch initiative Nieuws in de klas ('News in the classroom') in collaboration with Creative Learning Lab of Waag developed an innovative new learning approach for secondary education: the Digital News Collage. In this project the editorial content of newspapers is used in a creative application.

Pupils often find it difficult to involve in daily life what they have learned at school. And many teachers do not find it easy to use journalistic products in their lessons. The Digital News Collage aims to offer both groups what they need. Pupils can collect stories from recently published articles, learn to reflect on the media content and about the journalistic principles behind the news. With the aid of a multi-touch application they can add text and images and make a digital news collage based on digital content as well as their own content.

With the Digital News Collage, lessons in the classroom can closely follow the latest developments in society and the environment of pupils themselves. It wants to stimulate young people to become aware, critical and enthusiastic consumers and producers of the daily news. In this sense, the project also contributes to media literacy.

In 2011 a first prototype was tested at two pilot schools. After this, the lessons learned from the pilot were used to create a final version that will be available from April 2012.