Fort Amsterdam was a location based urban game, developed by Waag played at the 2008 edition of the Come Out & Play festival in New York. It revived the days of Dutch rule over the city, 400 years ago.

Fort Amsterdam was a GPS-based multi-player game played with mobile phones, in which players get transported back 400 years to a time when New York was called New Amsterdam. Fort Amsterdam was a fort on the southern tip of Manhattan that marked the official founding of New York City, with a mission of protecting the New Netherland colony operations in the Hudson River against attacks of the English and the French.

In the game the defenses of the fort have just been breached and Dutchmen, Englishmen and Manahata tribes are scattered throughout the fort fighting each other. You could be either Dutch, English or a native – the objective was the same: to conquer the fort by beating the opponents, outsmarting them, outrunning them and destroying them on the way to capture the original flag of New York.

Fort Amsterdam was successfully played at the Come Out & Play Festival in New York in 2008.

Project duration

13 May 2008 - 6 Jun 2008