Global Gincana was an educational project on cultural exchange, that explored the impact that multi-ethnic societies of Brazil and The Netherlands have on cultural themes such as music & dance, language, fashion, habits & rituals and design & art. The format of the project is inspired by gincana, a traditional Brazilian collective game in which collaboration and competitive spirit are crucial to succeed.

Participants were challenged to undertake different tasks, such as finding specific objects or information, sporting, cultural tasks and artistic skills to collect points. Global Gincana searched for ways to combine the traditional Brazilian Gincana game principles with location-aware (GPS) mobile technology to create a new format of discovering cultural expression in urban environments.

Global Gincana was a collaboration between Waag and MobileFest in Brazil. More information and results on the project can be found on the website of Global Gincana.

Project duration

14 Jan 2009 - 29 Sept 2009



  • Mondriaan Fonds