'The browser enables the point of entrance into the various World Wide Webs, to have an information and communications standard. The browser is the face of the media. It determines in which way we see what happens in the media. At the Browser Event, the meaning of the browser was looked at'; says a text for the first International Browserday dating from 1998.

At that time te fight between Netscape and Microsoft over the web standards (the so-called 'Browser war') was discussed, and alternative browsers were presented by the London writer Matthew Fuller. Students of the Rietveld Art Academy, the Utrecht School of the Arts and the Sandberg Institute competed with browsers they had designed in the First International Browser Competition.

The First International Browser Event was organised in cooperation with the Rietveld Art Academy, the Utrecht School of the Arts Faculty of Art, Media and Technology and the Sandberg Institute. It was an initiative of Geert Lovink and designer Mieke Gerritzen.

The Browser Days were repeated until 2002. First winner of the Browser Competition was Joes Koppers of Usemedia. The links give entry to the editions of 1998, 1999 and 2000.

Project duration

16 Apr 1998 - 18 May 2000