Liveform Telekinetics, LF:TK, was a project by Jeff Mann & Michelle Teran. The project was commissioned by Waag in 2004, thereafter the project travelled around the world. LF:TK was an experiment in networked social spaces - Kinetic Live Art through the Internet.

As Michelle Teran describes it:

"Digital networks extend communication across distance and time. How might they influence the forms of our daily social interaction? Sharing a meal, a walk in the park, making music, sports or games - these are the kind of social activities and rituals we use to build meaningful relationships. But the typewriter keyboard and computer screen are artifacts of a business machine that seem out of place here. What if the interface allowed for body language, gesture, and physicality? What if you could go out for dinner and dancing with friends, even though you're a thousand kilometers away?"

LF:TK was made possible by the Canada Council and the HGIS Cultural foundation.

A full report on LF:TK can be found in the catalogue of Connected LiveArt that was published in 2005, at the end of the Connected programme. This publication can be downloaded here for free under a Creative Commons license.

Project duration

31 Dec 2003 - 17 Jun 2006




  • Melkweg