Gaming attracts many young people: pupils spend a lot of time on games and playing. Games Atelier gave gaming a new, educational dimension. This new learning aid for Secondary Education enabled pupils not only to play games, but also to create, watch them and share them with others.

All pupils of secondary schools in The Netherlands could explore the possibilities of Games Atelier by participating in the national Mobile Game Quest, started in 2008 and held in the first quarter of 2009. In this quest, pupils from all over The Netherlands battled against each other to create the ultimate location-based game. The contest was open for all pupils of all classes of secondary education. A expert jury decided about the winning games. All contestants had to deliver a visual report or presentation of their game.

There was support for teachers in informational meetings and instructional videos. Teachers could participate with one or more teams from their class(es), a team consisted of two to four members. On 27 March 2009 the winning teams in two game categories (called Secred trail and Adventure) were announced in Amsterdam at a special award celebration with a concert by hiphop formation The Fringe.