Software artist Graham Harwood wanted to give his mate Mervin Jarman of the artist collective Mongrel something useful for his trip to Jamaica.

Mervin was going back to his native country for a couple of months to give some digital tools to Jamaicans who hardly have any access to computer technology. Harwood thus began building a software tool called Nine(9), in 2001 as artist in residence of Waag.

Nine (9) consisted of sets of 9 maps in which sound, text and images could be connected to each other in a very simple way. Collections could be used to tell a visual story of e.g. your home, family or environment. Nine9 was the online follow-up of Linker, developed by Mongrel. Linker also existed of a base grid with nine frames. With these frames, a story can be created with linked photographs, text and other media.

The software is no longer available.

Project duration

31 Dec 2000 - 30 Dec 2002