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Pilotus software enabled people with a mental challenge to communicate with their relatives, friends and carers.

The program integrated e-mail, chat, drawing tools, symbol sets, pictures, and text-to-speech engines in an innovative and exceptionally user-friendly interface. It was a safe and secure environment, open only to a selected Pilotus group of 2-10 people. The Pilotus program was developed during a four years research period at Waag using the users-as-designers method. It was offered as a product in 2004.

Pilotus could used by the majority of mentally challenged people, thanks to adjustable settings within the program. And it could also be used either at home or in a care centre setting. Pilotus was built for users of Windows 95 to Windows XP. Only members of a network had access to the workbooks on the Pilotus server, it was not possible to send or receive messages from other people or institutions. 

Since the release of the original software updating it to newer operating systems has been examined, but this was not a possibility.