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With the project Powermapping, Waag intended to involve citizens in local energy sources in urban environments. The possibilities of these alternative energy sources can be made open to discussion, but also be calculated.

Waag wanted to develop a tool that would enable anyone to to see the consequences and meaning of an integration of decentral energy production (DE) in their own environment. This kind of energy production has not yet been mapped, while it has great potential. So far, more thought has been given to large scale wind energy (e.g. at sea) than to using the roofs of the city for the production of wind or solar power.

In the first stages of the project, a mapping of the innercity of Amsterdam had been made, to show the possible locations to generate wind energy (green) and solar energy (yellow). These maps were made by Niels van der Vaart during his internship at Waag for the GIMA master's programme, organised by the TU Delft, ITC Enschede, Utrecht University and Wageningen University.

The map that resulted was published in Waag magazine and presented to the local munical government.