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Teacher in the cloud

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ICT and new media are becoming increasingly important for education. Future generations should be able to cope in a world that is becoming more digital rapidly. How to deal with this as a teacher? To inspire and support teachers to actively use ICT and new media in the classroom, we started the project "Teacher in the cloud."

To guide children into the 21st century, teachers need new skills, a different pedagogy and a rich and challenging learning environment. The project ‘Teacher in the cloud' aims to provide teachers with these skills. In the project, we helped them to discover how they can use new media and ICT as teaching tools. Together with the teachers we developed an interactive game, which stimulates them to work with the Internet, social media and ICT. We began with a physical game and discovered the opportunities for digitization together.

ICT and new media in the classroom

Children are curious about the world around them. They are learning and developing their talents by discovering this world and by examining and solving problems. Applications of ICT and new media offer plenty of opportunities to stimulate this.

‘Teacher in the clouds’ is a project of the foundations for public education Ronduit, ISOB, Surplus, Kennisnet and our ons Creative Learning Lab.

Creative Learning Lab guided the project partners by designing and co-creating the interactive game environment.